Some of the Book Layout Tips

23 Sep

To start with, you should trim size. It is essential to not the selecting the size is the first step in the book layout project. You should know there are standard book sizes like six by nine which you should choose for books with long chapters of a novel. You can as well go for the extensive art book with a small caption of text on each page which gives enough room for photographs. It is essential to note that if you choose a small trim for a book with many pages, you will be in a position to have a thicker book as this will discourage many potential book buyers. Therefore, you should make sure you choose the right trim that will make the book sizeable.

Apart from that, you should also consider the margins. You find that margins are always blanked space though they play a significant role in the book layout. Like a book has typically three margins which are outside, top and bottom. It also has a gutter which is the inside margin where the pages are glued together. The outside margin gives readers room to place their thumb when reading the book. While the top margin always highlights the author, name of the book and page number. On the other hand, the bottom margin provides a white space that supports your text block. Besides, the gutter makes sure that the text does not slip into the glued area. Remember that incorrectly spaced margins make the book feel off-balance. You can click for more details on book layout design or visit this site for the best book layout design services.

Besides, we have the typography basics. The typeface is essential as you need to make sure that the people are not struggling to read your book. Like there are many fonts that you can use, but in most cases, people use sans-serif because of the ease to learn. But remember that whatever the font you choose, you should make sure that is legible and well-suited for the book layouts. Like some of the things that you should include are bold and small, italics caps among others. When setting your fonts, you should consider the audience like children and the old will need the book with big fonts. You should also maintain the white space between the lines as it gives readers an easy time.

Apart from that, you should also include running heads and feet. Running heads are little lines at the top of the page which gives readers information about the author, book name and page name as they read. They are equally important in guiding readers as they can quickly go back when they get lost on the way.  Read more on book design here:

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